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16-Channel DVR Viewable in Safari or Chrome

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I am looking to replace two aging Panasonic WJ-HD316A DVRs with something a bit more updated and with more storage capacity. Ideally the new DVR will be able to record for five-six weeks of all 16 cameras 24x7 at the highest possible resolution. I know analog cameras are low def already, but anything is better than how they are stored now. Also, it would be AWESOME if the new DVR could be viewed in something other than Internet Explorer and on a cell phone (iOS or Android platforms). I was looking at the Samsung SRD-1670DC as an option, but it looks like you have to use IE, but it is view-able on a cell phone.

Any advice is appreciated!



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Almost all newer DVR's support your needs with the applications. Storage will depend on the hard drive and the resolution the camera can send to the DVR. If you are not a dealer, I would go to someplace like apexcctv and look at the GEOVISION line.


When you want storage on a DVR they can do it. They also support all the apps and I think offer a free DDNS service.


Pricing is good too.

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