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My 1.1 Million Dollar Ride

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As my title states you can guess my career.


Thought I'd share my ride. I'm a "Truckie" and this is my ride as of last year; It replaced my old truck which was

sent to another station.


Just something kind of random I thought you guys might enjoy.


FYI, My job (and my crew on the truck) is to do a First Primary Search. We go in with no hoseline (water) and search the house for you before the engine company enters with the hose line to fight the fire. Both can be going on at the same time. Along with primary search, we also do "truckie work" meaning Utilities (cutting off power, water etc....)

we note 2nd floor windows and places a firefighter in trouble can jump out of and set ladders. (Just in case)

We will also get on the roof and cut a hole in the roof to allow the fire to vent a certain way we want it.

We are also the main guys who work vehicle accidents. Using the jaws of life and other tools to cut you out of your car.

Search/rescue, etc....


Also, A Fire Truck has a ladder on top. A Fire Engine has no ladder... A Engine Company sole purpose is to fight fire.


The Blue LED Rop light that runs along the ladder helps me to see the ladder rungs in smoke so I don't fall through at 100ft up....
















Our Old truck..... it's a "Stick" and not a "Platform" based by the end of the ladder....




A few photos of me. Hard to miss me on a scene, lol. 6'5" and 220lbs.


I'm on the right....







A video of the truck. Love that damn thing. lol One huge tool box is the easiest way to describe it.

It's a dual purpose, it can fight fire if needed and has a 2,000 Gallon Per Minute pump installed.


Video of said truck.


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Nice. I went to college with a girl whose Daddy owned I think it was La France. It was the Cadillac of fire trucks. Unfortunatly, she did not like guys.


Do you use much infrared to see or read temperatures

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When I was growing up I spent a lot of time a the local fire department with my dad. I always enjoyed all of the tools and trucks and I got to ride along to a lot of calls because my dad was the asst chief. He passed away a couple of months but one of that last things he did when he was in involved in the fire department was help them secure the funding to purchase this tower.









Tower 45


American LaFrance Custom Chassis with 5-Section 100’ Tower Ladder


Equipped with:

American LaFrance Custom Chassis

5-Section 100’ Tower Ladder

10 KW Generator

2 200’ Electric Cord Reels w/ junction boxs

8-Man Crew Cab (7 SCBA Seats)

Back-Up and side view camera system

Hale, Single Stage 2,000 GPM Pump

350 Gallon Water Tank

4 Pre-Connected Discharges

2 – 1 ¾” Pre-Connected Crosslays 200’

2 – 1 ¾” Pre-Connected Crosslays 150’

2 – Aerial Platform Discharges

1 – 2 ½” Dead Load 150’ w/ Saber Jet nozzle

800’ 5-Inch Hose

Portable stinger ground monitor

High Rise Kit

116’ of Ground Ladders

1 – Manual Monitor with a 1,000 GPM Stack tip Nozzle

1 – Electric Monitor with a 1,000 GPM Saber Master Nozzle

On-Board Breathing Air

2 - Quick Disconnect Inlets in Aerial Platform

1 – Quick Disconnect Inlet on Aerial Turntable

Multi-Use Bracket for Stokes Basket, Parapet Ladder, and Rappelling

Rope rescue equipment

3 Class 3 harnesses


MSA 5000 TIC w/ TX/RX wireless kit

40 gal foam concentrate

Cutter Edge vent saw

Partner cut saw

Chain saw

Various hand tools

10 Port-a-Power kit

Chimney Kit

PPV Fan and Box Fan

Portable lighting

Air, Temp, CO monitors

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