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Recomendation for Miniature Camera

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Hello folks,


My camera (I use to record a customers face as they come to cash register) has stopped working; I originally got it from dome camera by removing the IR and that seemed to work for about 6 months until now, and I need a replacement for it.


This time around I would like to get a miniature camera, and not dome camera-convert but I am not sure what the technical difference are between dome and miniature and what the $ range should be, (I would like some decent but nothing professional grade).


Any directional help is appreciated.




Does any one experience with the CNB Monalisa chip camears...




Where can I find images of the recording or videos of their resolution? And can any one tell me what the major difference is between those cameras (besides the adjustable lens). What is the difference between pinhole lens and non-pinhole lens?



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I am not familiar with the product you mentioned but there is a lot of junk on the market in the smaller board cameras. We use ICRealtime and you will be impressed with the quality. Just do a web search on them.

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