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Camera for Intercom Box.

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I need a small camera for an Intercom box.

Any advice on small pinhole / board cameras for this product?

Are there any good HD IP cameras?







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Yes, I have a few of them. The image quality is surprisingly good for the size and price. It works okay in low light but will in an IR source in darkness. You could add an IR led to your enclosure. It is IR sensitive and it has no IR cut, so image suffers some in daylight, as all cameras lacking an IR cut filter will. The lens is not interchangable (because they are not sold seperately), but if you search eBay, there are two different lens versions, one for 90* viewing and another for around 55*. For the enclosure you propose, I can't think of anything smaller. Most board cameras are 1.25" or 1.5" square which would be too long. If you could use these larger board cameras in a larger enclosure, I would recommend removing the camera board from a CNB camera, model DFL-20S. The DFL-20S is not quite as good in low light, but it's sharper. You can put an M12x0.5 taper lens with focal point of your choice on the DFL-20S board.

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