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DVR to 1080P Sony TV

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Hi All,


I need to connect my CCTV DVR to my Sony 1080P using a RCA video cable (long story).


The "Main" video out from my DVR is a BNC jack. So, I have a BNC-RCA adapter. Then, I connected a standard RCA video cable from the DVR to the "video in" on the back of my TV. That works fine, except....


HOWEVER, the images from my cameras are slightly cut off (or trimmed) when viewing them via the RCA video cable. For example, where I could previously see a door along the outer left edge of my camera's field of view using the VGA adapter, I cannot see that door using the RCA adapter. My images are slightly trimmed all around.


I cannot find any settings in my TV which can fix this. I cannot find any settings on my DVR to fix this.


Is there a trick?? I need to be able to use the RCA video cable but regain full view of my camera's field of view on the Sony TV.


Thank you for a quick reply. I am working on this project ASAP!

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What DVR?


1080p is generally reserved for DVI & HDMI.


Try using a video format 16:9 vs 4:3. If your DVR is outputing 4:3 via RCA (BNC Spot monitor out) most likely it is set for 4:3. You are going to have to provide more information to further diagnose.

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DVR is Everfocus ECOR264-9X1.


I understand I will not get anything close to 1080p. The main reason I need to transmit the video from the "Main" DVR BNC output to the TV is because I have only a very small space in my wall to run a wire (I would prefer to use a VGA cable, but do not have enough room in my drilled holes to run a VGA connector).


I am relocating my DVR but want to retain the ability to view the cameras on my TV. From the new location of the DVR to the TV via my drilled holes and wall space, a VGA connector will not fit. Thus, that is why I need to use the BNC output from the DVR (it will fit through my holes and my wall).



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I checked all of my DVR settings. There does not appear to be any way to manipulate the output video format (4:3, 16:9, etc.).


I also check the TV settings. None of the settings resolve this issue.


Any other thoughts?? The DVR is recording the normal field of view of the cameras, so the only problem is the display of the images from the "Main" video out of the DVR via the BNC output. As I said, using a BNC/RCA video out from the DVR to the Sony HD TV causes my camera field of view to be trimmed or reduced along the edges.


This should be a simple solution, or perhaps my DVR or TV are a mismatch?


Thank you!

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Please try with TV menu options: WSS (wide screen signal) ON/OFF or aspect ratio (16:9 or 4:3).


But please note that HD TV carries internally video decoder that processes analog tv signal from DVR (BNC or RCA port).

Some of the both ends of horizontal pixels will be chopped down and scaled up to fit into the HD TV screen.

No idea how many pixels will be clipped, but less than 4 or 8 pixels from both sides, I guess.

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