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Surgical Robot video out to IP network transmission - live

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Hi Gang


here is one for you.


I have been asked to look at a feed coming from one of our surgical robot units, I haven't seen the unit yet but I believe it has DVI,composite,Svideo ?? outputs onboard.


What we are trying to do is fire the signal from the robot over our IP network to enable medical students based elsewhere onsite to watch medical procedures taking place.


I have been given till september to find a reliable solution and was wondering if you had any ideas of good quality kit that would be up to the task.

I assume a simple converter will be required to enable the signal to transmit.


they may ?? also want to have an external IP camera connected too, though that should be a simple IP camera attached to the network affair I am assuming.


its a new area for me but I am very interested and would like to get it right in case more interesting jobs pop up that I can take on board.


fun times

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Well my first thought would be to put it on a modulator, then distribute it throughout the building on a TV channel. That avoids needing a bunch of expensive hardware.

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