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Bricked Arecont Vision AV5155DN? JTAG?

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Looks like previous vendor may have flashed the wrong firmware (AV3155) on a AV5155DN that is part of my condo HOA's security system.


Is this camera locked? Does it have JTAG or serial connectors? Is it easy to flash via these methods? It powers on but I can't discover it in AV100 or ping it. The orange light on the NIC just flashes seemingly randomly...


It's out of warranty so they want $250 + 3% processing fee to fix it. I have to pay to ship it to them obviously too so wondering if there is a decent, less expensive option to replace it with?



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I just had a AV20365 "reset" to a AV20185 after a power outage. Yes I had a surge & batt on it but power was out for 24 hrs plus.


Seems that Arecont put 365 firmware on top of the 185 firmware? I've tried to reflash but it won't take. Here is the odd part; 365 has (4) lenses that cover 360 degree's. (2) lenses show the pic upside right and the other (2) lenses are now upside down. http load to a AV20185 Panoramic pic that works perfectly except.....AV100 shows a AV20185 with a completely different mac than the original one as shipped . The Mac on it now belongs to a single lens Arecont 5155 sold out of another supplier on the East Coast.


I'll see what Arecont can do. Camera is only 6 months old.


Has anyone ever seen a camera change to another model like this? My guess is the camera got reset to "root" when the power went off.

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