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How can I block installer from viewing my cameras

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Hi All

I recently had dvr system installed and my installer downloaded MEYe app.on his Android phone

to demonstrate remote viewing.I now want to ensure that he can no longer view my cameras

so how can I block him from doing this, assuming he might do so on occassions.




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delete all accounts except admin (sometimes they make test accounts)

change password for admin

don't forget the password or make sure u know the master reset password.

usually master reset only works at the machine itself.

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Personally I think it's a good idea that he can log in remotely. He can make small changes that you

wouldn't understand how to do and frankly you'd have to learn which take a long time.


He can prevent a admin password loss if he retains the admin account. It protects you from curious people like staff or family that often would tinker messing up all settings which in my experience they OFTEN do given half a chance.


I have a LOT of clients and only one has EVER objected to my reserving the admin account. Of course I handed over full control to him and within two weeks one of his staff 'who claimed to know all about CCTV' (liar) had screwed up all his settings the recording settings screwed up the internet setting. It cost him a significant amount to put right and he himself asked me to retain the admin account and do what I normally do. He just wanted to view and playback and back up and thats all the rest he let me do, leaving him free to get on with making his business pay.


JUST TELL HIM YOU DON'T WANT HIM TO VIEW... end of discussion, if he doesn't comply get a new engineer.


You can always check the log, but don't be destructive just to prove you are in control, unless you are ready to pay big bills.

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