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NTSC/PAL & video servers.

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I've hijacked the video feed from a Commax intercom and fed it into a Vivotek TS8102 to run on a NUUO NVRsolo.


Problem is, the camera is NTSC. And it appears that the TS8102 isn't displaying it properly despite me attempting to force the signal into NTSC.


On the flip side, if I attempt to force a PAL camera into NTSC, then the image still displays properly, despite the settings on the encoder.


I thought this might be an issue with the encoder but I replicated the issues with an old GV VS02.


I'm in Aus so NTSC cameras aren't very common. I know the Commax cam is NTSC. Spec sheet is here. It's the CS http://www.sirius.kiev.ua/images/documents/instrukcii/domofon/Video_paneli/drc-40cs.pdf


The Commax indoor monitor will only display NTSC


Does anyone know how to solve this or know what the issue is?

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