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Geovision NVR with 2 camera dongle

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Hi, Ive recently purchased a Geovision NVR with 2 camera dongle for 3rd party IP cameras. I hoped to use it with some Sanyo VDC-HD3100p cameras I have. I could already view these cameras in a browser on my internal network or remotely so I know they work fine. I wanted to be able to record the images with a POS overlay, that's why I bought the Geovision setup.

Basically, the NVR software detects the Sanyo cameras on the network but fails to connect to them. The live view screen says 'connection lost' and they cannot be viewed but you can select an option within the NVR to go to the cameras own setup page where they can be viewed which seems strange.

Has anybody experienced a similar problem and could they point me in the right direction to getting things sorted ? I assumed, as Sanyo cameras are supposedly supported it would be a straightforward set up but I am now completely out of ideas.

I'm running the cameras POE via a Level One GSW 2693 switch.


Any help would be much appreciated.



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First and most important, what version of geo vision software are you running? when you plugged the usb dongle into the dvr did the drivers install automatically? Did the camera software see the cameras a Sanyo or onviv? and last when you tried to add the cameras to the dvr did you get some sort of message like there were 0 licenses left on the USB dongle?

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The Geovision software I purchased was brand new in the box. It came with a software disc and the 2cam dongle. When I load up the NVR and go to 'version information' the software version is and the dongle is licensed for 32 GV IP cameras and 2 3rd party IP cameras.

The PC detected the dongle when I first plugged it in but I installed the drivers from the software disc as instructed BEFORE I loaded the NVR software. If I unplug the dongle whilst the NVR is running an error message informs me it is not present.

The NVR detects the cameras as Sanyo but with no model name or other information, tutorials I have seen on Youtube etc show a wealth of info after the camera has been detected but not in my case ! It just sits there saying connecting and goes no further.

I have never seen an error message regarding number of licenses on the dongle, I have deleted and re-installed the cameras many times but no messages of this nature.


Many thanks

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OK. Here is what I would do. I would uninstall geovision and re install it. When you uninstall it you must delete everything in remove programs that has to do with geovision. Also delete the 2005 c++ redistributable. After that go to your c drive and delete the geo vision folders. then restart and reinstall. I would go to the geovision website and download version 8.5.9. 8.5.7 is pretty new but in the past whenever this type of thing happens it is because the software is too old so you should get the newest version. It is free you just have to click on the software tab and it will be there.


The usb dongle should automatically install drivers. You shouldn't have to. But don't do it first. wait until everything else is working properly the plug the dongle in and let it do its thing. Then restart.


Also, when you uninstall geovision there will be one thing in the remove programs part that wont go away so just leave it. I think it is geovision mxpg.


After this is all done try adding the cameras.

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Thank you in advance to read out my annoying issue that I am trying to figure it out.

I have just purchase GeoVision dongle for 4 channels 3rd party cameras. It’s come with the original GV-NVR software disc. I install the software and dongle driver is install fine as I think. I have attached the image for dongle driver installed. I added 3rd party cameras. It’s fine here until, but when I try to assign camera to channel, it show Connection failed. Limited by USB key. The number is 0. I have attached the images for reference in case if it help out to rectify the problems. I have two Hikvision cameras and two other brands which are ONVIF supported.




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