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Difference between DS-2CD3410FD-IW and DS-2CD2412F-I

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Is there a difference between Hikvision DS-2CD3410FD-IW and DS-2CD2412F-I models.

They are both Cube mini IP cam and 1.3 Mpix.


I have seen DS-2CD3410FD-IW on AliExpress and DS-2CD2412F-I on local EU market.

Is it that one is for Chinese market and second for EU?


I have checked www.hikvision.com and there is only DS-2CD2412F-I(W)...

DS-2CD3410FD-IW is not listed on hikvision EU website and on ALi is being sold as multilingual.


Is there a different firmware for above models?



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The (W) stands for it being Wireless Compatible. Also one is sold in Europe and one sold in the United States. MultiLanguage ones are usually the world wide ones like in Europe.

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