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Best Recording suite to pair with Hikvision DS-2CD2032

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- This is going to be my first time installation (don't have any units yet)

- This is for outdoor use preferably with a range of 20 mtrs

- Need 2 cameras

- It will be wired connection (not Wifi)



I have read quite a lot of threads here and most seems to be happy with HikVision systems. So i have narrowed my search down to DS-2CD2032



I am planning to buy two of this cameras... my question is what all other devices and softwares are needed to have a fully operational security systems.. I understand i'd need


1. a POE adapter. Perhaps this is a good option http://www.amazon.com/WS-POE-8-48v60w-passive-Ethernet-Injector-cameras/dp/B0086SQDMM


2. Hard Disk Drive to store the videos


3. Am not sure, if HikiVision camera will come with software or not... am assuming it does



What else am i missing here? Could somebody please guide me

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I use Blue Iris, and although it is inexpensive ($50.00), it's CPU requirements are rather high. In addition, when you use a PC as an NVR you must leave it running 24x7.

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