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Spider proof day / night switching cams ?

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Hi all,


Several times I have posted messages about my cc70 cams getting mobbed by spiders. Well this has gone on all through winter because my local spiders are members of the "arachnid arctic explorers team" and are fully equipped with thermal underwear, snow boots and ice picks.


This means my trusty, high quality cc70 day / night cams will have to go but I dont want to replace them with a huge housing + 1 or 2 large ir's as it will make the property look like a prison !


I cant believe some clever inventor has not seized the opportunity to solve this problem and make a fortune in the process but it appears that no spiders means no built in ir's.


Can I have some suggestions for suitable alternatives ?

There will be 8 cams on a gv system with web access and my budget has already gone out of the window.



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Paraniod, its a tricky problem them spiders.


I have 6 cc70 as well and spiders are the bain of my life.


I heard WD-40 sprayed in the vacinity helps and i was going to try vaseline smeared around the sun shroud to trap the little b------s


I have fitted a pelco spectra 3 and the image is amazing, in darkness it stunning and you can see perfectly, expensive mind.


Domes seem to be the answer as they cant "spin" a web around it , or can they......


to save a few quid i was contemplating disabling the ir in the cc70 and adding extra ir at a lower level.


Not sure if this will do the job but Rory will know

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If you disable the built in I.R and add another IR you should cure the problem as the white out is the IR reflecting back off the web.

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Haa ... ha .. ha ..


They are attracted to the heat source ... they will make a web from a tree to your IR so dont expect to get away from it that easy. Only way to get rid of your issue is to disable the IR on the camera and use Seperate IR. Or keep spraying the housing and mounting area (such as a pole) with Bug Spray every couple weeks. Even with seperate IR they can make a web and you'd need to clean them occasionally. It all depends on the location of the IR whether it gets a web or not, or how much and how often.


If its a cheap IR bullet then I wouldnt go overboard on an Extreme IR, just get something basic. If you must then get a 730nm as it will perform better than 840nm with a camera like that. Maybe something like the UF100, or EX26LED (cant rememeber the Derwent name off hand).

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