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Surveillance no help in Paris.

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Paris has thousands of cameras for traffic control, but not one of their cameras aided police in the recent shootings. The main help came from a bystander with a iphone with a camera. Again I restate the need for proffesionals to take over the CCTV field. Just hanging a camera here and there isn't going to prove anything. It takes a long time experience of trial and error. I myself didn't want the job of working with goverment bodies as they think they know the answer. A perfect example was right in Chicago. The mayor has cameras all around his home and police sitiing in front and back. His son came home the other night and his 17 year old son was robbed and mugged and not one person saw anything. Right by his home. Cameras would have helped identify the individuals but no, the cameras were pointed in the wrong direction. By the way, they got some experienced individual that re directed the camera system the next day.

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I think the assumption that their cameras were just hung willy-nilly is a bit presumptive. I don't know the details you are referring to, but if these cameras were meant for traffic control purposes it is 100% feasible that the fields of view are intentionally tight. Also, I have NO idea what the CCTV laws are in France so perhaps they are limited by legislation?

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