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QVIS (or other generic) password reset code

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Hi All,

Have a situation where the admin password doesn't work on the local screen, but works fine from Web pages,

Date is correct on the device so would someone mind sending me an admin password over please? (For whatever date you send it)


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hi guys got a ony-x falcon nvr toally locked out of it it comes up with no question or qr code

hope someone can help

model 3798m

date is 01/01/2010

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new to this site, so hello all :)


i have a 'Qvis Quattro 16-BB' DVR/NVR

its from an old job a long time ago. In desperate use of using it again somewhere, however im struggling to get on the menus etc as i dont know the admin password. I understand theres no reset buttons inside these so im wondering if there is any other way of removing or defaulting the passwords? Failing that initiating a factory reset obviously without accessing the menu. I cannot seem to access the password of the day on the Qvis apps even after signing up etc. I also cannot get this on the network as im guessing it has a static ip set and is not on DHCP. Its no registering on my network. 

The unit is displaying todays date 07/12/2022

Also, does anyone know what the default password for Admin is?

can anyone help? PLEASE. 

Higly mostly appreciated. WIll send you some chocolates lol!!




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