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dvr port no ? and port forwarding

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Hi I've never been on a forum before so any help greatly appreciated.


Im not sure of the http i should be using on dvr i have allocated 80 , 101, 81,


1 allocated ip no to dvr

2 have reserved ip on router

3 have opened port forwarding 80, 101, 81 , 6001, 6002,6003 on netgear router

4 user name a password on dvr

have used website http://canyouseeme.org/ (Error: I could not see your service on ......)


Any suggestions???


I recently set up ip cams on my router to test ( took 3 weeks, yep finally got it going)


i used port 6003 port forwarding netgear router. Now have to install else where.



I forgot to mention could also view ip cam's on iphone . ....... very happy




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Is your ip address on the DVR in the same range as your Router?can you see your DVR locally? are you using the correct ports, the ones that are allocated on the DVR network setting? if all are correct check your default gateway setting on your DVR and make sure that is correct,the wrong gateway can cause your ports not to forward,

you could also try the DMZ setting on the router just add the DVR's ip and it should allow all ports through



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could your firewall be blocking the data- try turning off firewall and test can you see me.org. you may need to set up firewall rule to pass the data through.

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To ensure your DVR is in the correct range, unreserve the DHCP reservation. Now in the DVR switch on DGHCP save and reboot.

Now open your network settings switch off the DHCP switch to staic and assign a device id (the last set of 3 digits in the IP address, and reboot. Check your router cab see the DVR with the IP address you allocated, and now you can reserve the new IP address.


Now do your port forwarding pointing to your dVR nut if the ports are not set in the DVR then tand tru canyouseeme.com


If these port numbers aren't set in the DVR no request will report as open. Start with port 80 which should be your HTTP port but it might be a different number. Its doesn't have to be 80 because where DVRs co exist you can only open port 80 for one device, a second one would need a separate port number, say 81 , 82 etc etc.


The clue is in the site name canyouseeme?

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