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I am wondering if any one know's how our what you need to have Text overlay with a DS-7716NI-sp16? I have been looking online and what I have found is there is a device That needs to connect to the POS then back to the network. Then I have seen the DS-7716-NI-st16 can do it but not sure. Any input would be great.


One more question? Has any one done off site hard drive storage? I am looking to save video for customers on remote hard drives. But not sure if it would really be worth it being 3mp recording takes up a lot of room.

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I have been looking into the same thing recently , Your best bet is to approach the POS vendor who has installed the POS system , they like to control their system and not let anyone make changes that might affect the reliability of their set up which I can understand. Some but not all of them have a way of accommodating text overlay on an ip camera. Some POS units require a separate box to do this and the more modern ones have this already built in. The problem is that there are so many different POS Vendors and their software/hardware are all different. I was hooping to intercept the "text" at the printer as I assume all printers receive pretty much the same data to print , but it seams it is not so simple as I thought.

I will be talking to some vendors next week , I will keep you posted.

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