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Is it really waterproof : Hikvision dome DS-2CD2715F

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Hi , having many cams to install and want to make sure the installation is ok.


My concern is the water that can go in the hole on the side.


See pics...


As Per installation manual , there is no seal between mounting bracket and cam but there is one between cap and mounting bracket.


Bracket is WMS from Hikvision with PC 135 cap





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It's not "WaterProof" as in you can dump the camera in a water bucket and all is fine. It's "WeatheResistant " as in there are seals inside the camera in the screw holes to where it when you tighten the camera to the mount it protects against water from coming in. And in the case of the screw on the side of the camera, you will not have issues with it because it does not have a way inside the camera, it's just for adding conduit.

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