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HIKVISION turbo hd, anybody installed them yet?

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I am going to keep these in the back of my mind for a cheaper analog upgrade. I like the cheap Hikvision ip stuff for the price. Any thought

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I'm currently looking at TVI and Hybrid systems. I can't quite see what the 'Turbo' relates to exactly, some sites say they support real time @ 1080p, some say they don't, so I'm a little confused. Most TVI/hybrid claim to run between 12 and 15 fps @ 1080p. I'm not so fussed about framerate if the quality is that much better tbh.


I think I did find a Hybrid (tribrid ) SD, TVI and IP that claims to be real time. I'll post a link if I find it amongst the tons of bookmarks.

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Hikvisions 7300 & 9000 series hd-tvi hvr's record up to 30 fps @1080p .

The 7200 series will record up to 30 fps @720p & 15fps @ 1080p .

On the hikvision website you can find the spring catalog with all the

Current specs for their complete product line .it's on the home page on the right side not far down the page .

If you are on the hikvision site and looking at the products pages and not the spring catalog ,and you click on the specs of the 7300 series hvr ,the specs will not match the spring catalog specs .this made me call hikvision .the spring catalog is current and I have found those specs to be correct as I have installed a few 7308's & 7316's since and they both record up to 30 fps @ 1080p .

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