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Which is why I asked for a link to your baluns ..... There are God and bad baluns and ....... Baluns that are sold as baluns but are not


How have you run the power ?


How have you split video and power


It can be a long guessing game if you don't want to answer questions



i ran 32 cat5e a pair for video and a pair for pos power and 2 pairs for neg power.. they all come into the room together.. then i split into 16 to one dvr and 16 to another dvr , and all power is split into many different power supplies, because if i put all power into 2 supply boxes then all videos will have bad picture.. so they are about 10 different power supplies to keep the pictures clean.. but i didnt have enough power supplies so there are like 6 cameras that are still not clear.. but i just wanted to use 2 16ch ps boxes not 15 different power supplies 3 boxes, 3 4 way splitters and 4 single wall warts.. kind of waste of money and to messy to many wires/cables.. And here is a pic of the baluns i used they say HD/ cvi/ tvi .?


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Hi. This is a problem with cheap cameras were either camera cable or inside the camera both power neutral and video neutral are connected together.


^^^^100x THIS!!!


OP says the cameras will still turn on with only the +pos power wire connected so it obviously has another path back to ground either via the video line OR via the building itself(OP said it is stucco/metal building)


I think you are going to have to electrically isolate the cameras from the building(mount to wood blocks or something) but even then you may very well still have problems if the electrical design of the cams themselves is sh*tty...


Also I'm sure the CCA cable is not helping anything but at this point i think it is the least of your worries

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It is perfectly normal on some equipment to have a common ground, but that doesn't explain the presence of a positive that continues to power the camera when the positive is removed. If you remove the neutral of a supply, the voltage may continue to flow (due to design flaws) and neutral terminals will rise to supply voltage. But this is not the same.


Are the power supplies definitely DC out? - I did ask.


The possibility of the positive of a low voltage DC power supply making its way to cameras through an earth or metal is fairly unlikely, unless the cables were damaged and are making a fair contact in some way at both ends.


I'm unsure about inductance with DC circuits but its very possible on AC cables running close to induce voltage in others. Your runs are long on CCA... So I would look at two things:


1) Creating separation between cables (if possible)

2) Run your power on pairs only (definitely try this)


So if you currently run a pair for Positive and a pair for Negative, turn it into 2 x Pair of Pos/Neg. And do not have more Neg than Pos or vice versa.

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