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HIKVISION DS-7716N-E4/16P PoE ports

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Could anybody who uses/has used the HIKVISION DS-7716N-E4/16P NVR please tell me if the 16 PoE switch ports are switched with the LAN port on the device? I'd like to be able to directly access the network cameras from the LAN (where the NVR will be connected to via LAN port), and I wonder if this NVR would allow that (Without it being in the middle, like doing NAT or having to do static routing, etc).

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The POE ports will not act as a "Switch" of how you are thinking. You will be able to access the cameras direct but using the NVRs IP Address with a specific port like , that is the first port number they use. You will not be able to type in the cameras IP in a web browser to see it but rather use the "Virtual Host" that Hik added to where you can just click on the cameras link in the NVRs web interface as a link.


May I ask what you are trying to accomplish like trying to stream the RTSP stream using a 3rd party app like VLC.

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