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Advice on connecting audio to camera

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I have purchased a Dahua 2MP IP PTZ for recording church services and want to connect the output from our microphone mixer to the camera's audio in cable - The audio in consists of a 2 bare end cables (an 'Audio in' and a 'Ground'). Can I take a cable from the line out of the mixer and connect directly to the ground and audio-in of the IP camera?



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As long as the two are compatible. If the camera has a standard audio line in, and the mixer provides the same out, then it should work.


The specs for the camera should tell you the standards. Just confirm it's not a microphone input. If the mixer provides the kind of line out that plugs straight in to an amplifier then it should be ok. Just bear in mind that if the camera is two wires in, this will be mono and most 'typical' mixers unless just for microphone inputs, will be stereo.

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