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HD DVR with old camera compatability

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I have had several DVR's over the years including Qsee and Nighvition and now want to upgrade to 1080p. I have a total of 16 cameras four of which have PTZ and would like to get a DVR that will be able to handle the old and new 1080p cameras. I would also like to use the standard BNC cables that have already been installed. can anyone recommend a good DVR ? I have looked at the Swann system and the Lorex system both have negative reviews and there online information recomends products that they have discontinued. I have also emailed both of them on tech-support to see what kind of response I would get and both have no response.

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Check those companies whether the cameras supplied are type of HD-CVI, or HD-TVI, or HD-AHD. They are not compatible each other on a HD-DVR. You have match your DVR to the cameras. Some models of HD-CVI DVR do not even support old analog cameras (PAL/NTSC). But most HD-TVI or HD-AHD DVRs are supporting analog cameras, by default.

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