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120 ohm terminal impedence installation question

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I have a problem with a PTZ camera that I installed actually I installed two however I am not able to control one camera it is set correctly with correct address, I can control it sometimes but not always. The instruction on the pamphlet said that I need to install a terminal matching resistance to the farther camera, but the picture they show is very vague, I am not sure how to connect the resistor provided anyone has any Idea how to connect this resistor? I am suspecting is on the cable that connects to the camera 485 port. But not sure is one end to the positive and other to the negative or just on the positive end, any help or diagram will be appreciated.

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When daisy-chaining RS422/485 control for PTZs, best practice is to terminate the end of the chain while leaving termination "Off" on PTZs in the middle of the chain. However, unless you are daisy-chaining a boatload of PTZs, under most circumstances you can terminate all PTZs in the chain.

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