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IP Camera Night mode Noise (Maybe FPN)

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I am using below 2mp IP camera board with IMX322 CMOS sensor.


With Good heavy bullet housing.

But facing heavy noise in night time video..please check attached images.

FPS and other settings are at default (FPS=25, Bitrate 4mbps)

Tried improving the IR source but no result.

Temperature here currently 35 Day & 15 Night.


After some googling i found that this problem occurs in CMOS IP cameras due to excessive heat.


Pleas let me know if there is any solution available.

Can i put a small fan behind PCB?


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That noise looks typical of many cams, but it should improve with more light or IR.


An internal fan may not help if the camera is enclosed and air tight, as it will just move the hot air around inside. However, if the board is running hot and there's room inside the housing, a heat sink and/or fan on the board may help move heat away from the board.


If the camera housing feels hot at night, you could blow air across the camera housing to cool it off, or add heat sinks to help move the heat away. Active cooling would be even better, but that would be getting pretty complex, and it would be likely be cheaper and easier to buy a cooler running camera.


Does the camera run on POE? On some cams I've tested, the chip that converts the 48Vdc POE voltage to the 12Vdc that the camera runs on can get very hot. You might generate less heat if you switched from POE to 12Vdc, but you'd have to try to see, as it depends on the circuit design. A 12Vdc adapter is not expensive.

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Thank you so much for detailed reply.


*Yes my housing is air tight..cannot use ventilated housing due to very dusty area.


*Right a fan will not make sens in a closed housing.


*I have purchased Heatsink for the main processor cooling i will apply it and let the forum know the result.


*I am using external 12VDC supply.


Well sir my camera is using 36LED for night illumination and they also got hot during night time...so will an IR array will help in my case if we use them instead of 36LED IR PCB ? I think I arrays are cooler than cluster of LEDs.

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Hi. That looks like dust in the air ..... IR cameras are no good in that kind of environment


You might be best installing a light with a PIR for that area.


You should see the dust moving around on playback

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Hii...thanks for reply.


Well there is no dust in night time at that area...camera installed indoors.

The dots are fixed and not behaving like floating dust particles.

No problem in day times.

Problem starts when camera goes into night mode....condition gets worse slowly and reaches at peek after 1-2 hours of night mode operation.

If we turn off the camera for 10 minutes and turn it back on then dots disappear for an hour...

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Thanks for reply

Well right there is no option for OSD.

The WDR and other settings can only be accessed via computer.

Tried playing with settings but no results.

If we open the camera while it is running with dots..and allow the PCB to run in open air...problem disappears after 20 minutes....I think its really temperature issue...

I have fixed a heatsink with the main processor...please see the attached image.

Will update the results after 1-2 days testing on site.


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Hi all,


Problem reduced upto 80% by using IR array in place of 36LED PCB and applying heatsink with the processor.


Thank you all for replies.

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Hello friends,


My problem solved completely by using LED array in place of normal 36LED PCB and using a bigger full metal housing.

I have fixed the PCB using four metal pillars on heavy aluminum block with a heatsink affixed with main IC.



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