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ISO QUIET camera for inside nanny cam duty on Swann DVR

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I am looking for a quieter camera for my two indoor locations. The Swann cameras, the SR PRO-615cam, is a bit too loud for nanny camera usage. There are times when it flips back and forth several times when the lighting is borderline. It makes a very heavy click when shifting between day and night vision. I assume it's moving a filter. They are fine for my outside security locations but need something for inside that won't create such a racket when the grandchild is asleep.


The DVR is the Swann SWDVK-1632N8-US 16 Channel 960H DVR. I'd like something of similar resolution to the 615's. I can give up night vision if necessary, would be handy if they ran on same voltage & cable so I could use the Swann power and cable I have in place.


Pricepoint is part of the decision, would like to stay under about $50.00 each if possible.


Thanks in advance for any advice.



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Any analog 960H non IR camera (color only) will work for you or you can get one with an IR and OSD (On Screen Display) so you can disable/enable the filter settings to day/night or color only. Settings to color only will disable the true day night feature of the camera and eliminating the switching/flipping sound of the camera.


Like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sunvision-1000TVL-HD-Night-Vision-1-3-CMOS-CS-Zoom-Lens-Dome-Camera-w-OSD-111-/121663058506?hash=item1c53aef24a:g:6t8AAOSwpdpVZqkW


Good Luck!

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