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Newb help please

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Hi I could really use some help. I am a total newb to cctv.

I need a working setup to protect my family and cars


I am not very well financially well off to be able to spend hundreds.

long story short had life threats and car vandalism. police are involved but its going to be a long process.


I have a MVpower 4 camera setup not great i know. One camera seems to work ok at night but the other 3 are very dim.


I now need to replace a camera that can work over a distance of 50metres to be able to watch my daughters car, as ppl ae now smashing windsceens and other damage.


I was looking at ANRAN 1200TVL SONY IMX138 CMOS Sensor High Resolution 78IR LEDs Color Day Night Vision Infrared priced at £50


I will try and post a picture of my camera views if I can work it out for any advice


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Look for a camera advertising at least 200ft of IR. From what I'm able to pull up, this one does "about 50m" which is your exact distance. Don't expect it to reach that far, and if it does, expect it to be dim. Overall, and if you want my opinion, this does not look like a nice camera. I would shop around a little more and find some third party reviews of what you find.


When it comes down to whether or not you're going to get everything else you need, you haven't really specified what that is. It's purpose is to watch that car, but what amount of detail are you needing assuming someone takes a bat to it? If you need to be able to ID an individual, you got problems. Standard definition analog isn't known for it's high resolution or by the crazy amount of detail it provides. This is going to require something at the highest resolution offered with a lens that has enough zoom to pull details out from that distance. The camera you chose, and from the site I'm looking at, has an 8mm lens; that's not gonna do it.


If you actually do need to ID someone, I think the problem you'll run into is that you won't be able to find a typical analog security camera out there that has a lens big enough. With the system you have, a PTZ camera (pan tilt zoom) will likely be the only thing with both the zoom and IR that you need. If this car is parked under an infallible and bright street light, you might be able to get away with a box camera, big lens, and enclosure with no IR. I'm unaware of an enclosure with enough IR to meet your needs.


PTZ cameras aren't cheap. If you find one that's comparable in price to what you picked out already, there's something wrong with it. A PTZ camera is also going to require that you run an additional cable for data. Without it, your camera won't pan tilt or zoom. In other words you won't be able to control it and that's the whole reason for having one.

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Hi Sam228

Thanks for your reply.

ptz is going to be hard for me to acquire but I understand what you are saying.




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