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Re-terminate Dahua HFW4300

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Hi all-


Brand new to the forum and have an interesting question. We've got Dahua HFW4 IP66 cameras at our site and all work really well for the price. One of my cameras had a little accident over the weekend due to the rain (I'm in northern California) and I need to re-terminate the connector on the Dahua side.


Stripping back the insulation, I see that the color codes are not the standard 568 configuration. What Dahua has is blue, gray, purple, orange, brown and yellow. Anyone know what goes where in a RJ45 connector?




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It's still 568B configuration the difference is the color of the wires they used. Look at the other end of the CAT5/6 RJ45 connector and write down the color from pin 1-8 and match that to the new RJ45.


Good Luck!

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