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Accessing TVI Cameras Menus using Hikvision box?

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I have just built a CCTV system using Sony CMOS TVI cameras and a Hikvision DS-7208HQHI and am really happy.


I am quite familiar with these Sony CMOS cameras as I fly Quadcopters and Planes "FPV" and am used to "configuring" the cameras settings using a little joystick to set things like WDR and White Balance.


I was somewhat disappointed that my cameras did not have these controls, and whilst I am generally happy with the picture, would like to tweak them, specifically to change the exposure and enable WDR... And to be honest, I regretted not buying cameras with these controls.


So today I received my last camera (a Discrete PIR) and was relieved to see the familiar menus/settings in the instructions, but there was no joystick.. But then I read the manual and it said "OSD menus accessed through UTC function of TVI DVR"... And the penny dropped.


Perhaps the menus/settings I want ARE there, but they now be set remotely.. From the DVR.


Is this really possible? And if so, where on the box do I go to get these settings? If I can change these settings of the cameras, I would be blown away, as my fear when starting this project was that I would be up the ladder in all weathers, tweaking the settings.. If I really can do it remotely, I am going to be chuffed!


Can anyone help me?


My fingers are crossed that you can point me in the right direction.



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If the DVR supports it, have you tried using the "PTZ" function?


I worked it out in the end.. Under PTZ the "IRIS-" button brings up the menu.


But its not actually helped.. This worked for the cameras that I didn't even know had menus.


The camera I bought which specifically said it had menus.. Specifiically said supported UTC.. Specifically says it supports the "coaxitron" protocal, doens't work.


No matter what I do.. I can't bring the menus up.. This is odd as the instructions specifically say its possible and mentions the "coaxitron" protocal which I know is setup on my DVR...


Any ideas where I go from here? I NEED to get into this camera, as its internal and switching to night vision far to early, so spends 99% of its time in B&W.



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