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Weird setup / idea for video recording to USB

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Hi All

I recently registered to this Forum because i have an idea that i would like to put to use... but i lack the knowledge on what camera system to use.

Also, i searched this forum and couldn't find any post that relates to what i want.


Basic idea here is to have a camera (has to be no less than 720p at 30pfs with audio) 150metres away from me

that camera has to send the video to my location

and i need to be able to record that stream into USB sticks (different sticks, lots of times every day)


So i need to be able start and then stop the recording, save to USB and insert a new usb and start everything again.


I have no idea the camera that i should use (but it has to be water proof for rain)

camera has to be wireless and powered by a battery pack (there is no mains power available)


i am fine using a PC as the receiver part of this


Does this make any sense ??



Thank you very much for your help in advance

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It takes FOREVER for me to download just 10 minutes of a surveillance video I need (due to a crime) onto a USB thumb drive!


With that said, sounds like you will be spending a LOT of time copying these videos onto/off of thumb drives?


Better would be to directly connect the camera to whatever the end use will be. Like to the PC (or whatever) you will be viewing these videos on.


Note CCTV systems come with terabyte size disk drives. The recordings are VERY LARGE!


The only time I would want to transfer a surveillance video to a thumb drive would be just for the pertinent section of a recording for the police. Like 5 or 10 minutes of one camera. Or 3 minutes each of several different cameras - for different views of a person.


Also if the entire video (say 24 hours) is all on a video on a surveillance system DVR, then the software on that system can indicate where on that video motion occurred. You can skip large sections of the video where nothing was going on.


I would hate to have to look through an entire 24 hour video for something to happen! (Imagine watching a 24 hour movie with the same scene showing and nothing going on!)

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Hi Billy

Thank you for your reply

To be fair, my intention is to record 5 minutes to USB and then stop the recording and insert a different USB in.. and so on.

The longest video will be around 8minutes.

If i could find a system that i could use 1 camera (or 2) and have them record straight to USB... that would be absolutely amazing.

I also understand that there are some systems you can include a graphic overlay.


This is just an idea i have... i basically want to prove this concept.



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Hi. Carlos. What might be better for you is a wifi trail cam. They also have built in SD cards .... Or go for the option on a wifi SD card that now have good distance.

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