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Swann NVR8-7300 footage issue???

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Hi all,


Hopefully I am posting this in the right spot. I currently have the Swann NVR8-7300 with 6 cameras installed around my house.


I have just for the first time attempted backing up footage to a USB to review on my computer. I saved the files from the NVR as .avi file format.


I attempted to open the files on my computer with Windows media player and it said it could not play due to incorrect "codec" or similar. So I downloaded a couple of free .avi players and found that every single one plays the files but only shows about a quarter of the cameras view?? It also plays double speed instead of real time?


Has anyone had this issue and/or know how to fix it????


Many thanks.

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So just as an update -

I have managed to find a player that will play these videos - it is called VLC player.


The day time video plays perfect but the night time video plays at double speed.


Anyone know why this might be???

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