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dvr/nvr/720tvl/1080p confuddled to say the least

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i have a 8 channel dhv connected to 6 outside dome cameras of 700+ tvl


i want a better recording of the images the cameras take. as a burglar burgled me at night and looked straight up at one of the cameras to which the poplice said it wasnt a good enough picture quality to secure a conviction. altho i thought it was pretty ok.



the dvr was an ok one but now getting a bit long in the tooth and in need of replacing ..


i want to keep my cameras as i think there ok and its the dvr which is letting the system down.


so whats with dvr nvr nowadays my cameras are wired so i need a wired dvr.


my budget is about £200





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A new 1080p AHD recorder that will accept your cameras is approx £190 + vat.

The 700TVL cameras are quite old and you will need to upgrade to 1080p for better definition. These cameras are from £34.99+vat.

Upgrade the DVR first, you may see some difference, then start to change the cameras, you can mix and match on the new DVR.

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