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Need Help Secting Cable

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I am installing a CCTV camera at the gate to our driveway. The camera has 480 lines of horizontal resolution, and IV p-p 75 Ohm composite output.


The total distance from the gate to the monitor in my house is about 600 feet. I recently asked on this Forum for the bandwidth of a 480 line CCTV camera because I was wondering if it was worth ignoring the camera manufacturer’s recommendation of using RG59/U and using RG6/U.


Now that I have done some more searching on the Internet, I believe it would be better to use a twisted pair, without shielding, instead of coax. I talked to one of the technical reps at NVT and they suggested using one of their passive baluns (Model NV 214-A Video Transceiver) at the camera and their active receiver (Model NV 652-R Video Receiver) at the house-end of the run of twisted pair.


I have 2 questions: 1. when I talked to the installer about NVT’s suggestions, he thought I was wasting my money on an active receiver. He said because the resolution of the camera was so low, I wouldn’t notice the difference between an active receiver and another passive balun. Who has the better approach for the best signal I can get?


2. What is the reputation of NVT and is there a higher quality manufacturer I should be looking at?


Thanks, Sam

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NVT is considered to be the top quality in twisted pair video and they also have the largest selection. Under 1000 ft. you can use their passive units with CAT 5 cable, you might even get away with CAT 3 but if you are going to run new cable don't skimp. Over 1000 ft. you'll need to go with one active receiver.


Also under 1000' you can use RG59U just fine as long as you stay away from aluminum braid. You must never use aluminum braid when doing CCTV. That type of cable is strictly for RF (TV/Cable) use.

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I agree with AVCONSULTING.


Personally for a 600' run I'd have stuck with RG59B/U co-ax and been more than happy with the result; unless of course there's another good reason for considering CAT 5 (spare pair etc.)

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