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Help setting up Hikvision NVR remote viewing (Network Issues

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I am kind struggling to set up my CCTV for remote viewing. I will give you the facts:

1) we have a static IP

2) NVR and cameras all set up and working

3) Router and Broadband all working


Basically I have tried to set up the port forwarding (Port 8000 ) on the router( technicolor TG588v2 ) and it isnt showing as open ( canyouseeme.org ). Infact I tried opening several ports with varying range and still no luck.

we just want to use the app from HIkvision to view so if Iam correct it only needs port 8000 open.


So, I forward the port on the router in WAN settings.

In the port forward I set its destination as the NVR ?

Do I disable DHCP on the NVR as the ip will keep changing and enter a static ip( if so what? ).


Thanks from confused.

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