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Replacing the Software That Came With a Q-See System ???

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About 2 to 3 years ago I purchased a Q-See 8 channel DVR system with 4 720p analog cameras.

I've since acquired 2 more of the same cameras.

Only 3 of the cameras have been installed yet.


I have not completed the installation because I am not very happy with the way the system functions.

The software is slow, clunky and not very intuitive or efficient to use.


I have a fairly good functional PC that I replaced because I wanted to upgrade to a UEFI BIOS, SATA III HDDs, SSDs and other performance enhancing options that it didn't have. It is still a good quad core system with a smaller SSD and SATA II HDDs.


I would like to see if there is a better surveillance software [preferably freeware] than Q-See's that could be installed on the DVR that came with the Q-See system, or onto my extra PC that could make this analog system function much better.


Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions on the viability of accomplishing this?

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Hi voyager,


I'm having the same situation, i'm trying to replace Dahua, VD tech, Vantech original software and combine them into 1 software but still no luck. Have you found the solution yet ?

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