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Old house install.

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OK this goes out to the old timers who know these houses...

My house was either built in the very early 1900's or late 1800's the owner we bought it from was born here and he was over 70 and the house has been with his family for a long time.

We have the old mortar board walls, and I have found old Knob-and-tube wiring under my house and left in the wall, they rewired it already.

That wiring goes from 1880-1930,

SO my question is, would it be easier to cut through the wall to run my camera cables down the wall, or should I go from underneath the house and just put a small hole in the floor.

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I would normally advice against cables through floors, as it's difficult to get it nice.

Also cables through floors are often exposed to harsh treatment, such as vacuum cleaners, scrubber soap, furniture being rearranged and so on.


But with 1800 houses, one must some times make do.


Also hole in the floor would need to be protected from moist, condensation and so on.

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