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Time Setting Automation Hikvision

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Hey guys. So I'm having compatibility issues with settings between Dahua recorder and Hikvision encoders via Onvif. So Dahua recorders keep defaulting the hikvisions encoders time settings to default, it changes the timezone and daylight savings settings and the customers getting upset, so log sorry short getting to the point, I'm trying to find a tool or something that i can have running on a windows machine all the time that will send the correct timezone and daylight savings settings to the HikVision encoders every x hours. This is going to be my best bet for now until permanently fix the issue. I just really need a tool or script or something thats running 24x7 and sends time settings to hikvision encoders and it can use Onvif or hikvision protocol to send the time settings to the HikVision Encoders. Any help or advise will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks guys!!

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