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testing new Swann True Detect 5mp ip camera - NHD-865MSB

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Im a user of Swann 830 cameras (rebranded hikvisions) with BlueCherry linux nvr.


After confirming with swann that their new "swann branded" true detect up cameras are infact onvif compatible, I ordered one from walmart at $125 Canadian.


Will report back on compatibility.


Should this camera work as easily as the other swann rebranded hikvisions did, this is an excellent price for a 5mp ip camera.

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Actually bought the new Swann NVR system with 8mp cameras.



the camera on the swann nvr register as ip of, 152, 153 etc and a port of 9988


Hikvision SADP tool doesn't recognize.



Any way to set my ethernet on my computer to that camera snd try to direct connect to it ?

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