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Explain pls what is the goal of such network desi

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Her is one of the network designs that my vendor suggest me




1. Can anybody explains what is the purpose of 5-16 cameras?


As i understand you can't record any data from these cameras, so what's the purpose to use?

Opportunity to check ONLINE?


2. Is one LAN cable enough to record all data from 1-4 cameras on NVR?






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The diagram shows your NVR has 4 POE ports but it can support up to 16 IP cameras. By adding POE switch you'll be able to plug in additional IP cameras (check your NVR specs as to how may IP camera it can support).



Yes it will record all your IP cameras once your NVR and external POE switch are plugged in to the router on the same network.


Yes the diagram is 100% correct.



Good Luck!

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