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POE Camera Suggestions *BADLY NEEDED* !!!! ???

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I've been banging my head against a wall trying to find cameras with a certain combination of specifications. I really need these because there are going in multiple locations and I need all systems to be identical simply for ease of management.


I need the cameras to have:



-Built In Mic

-At least 1080p / 2.0 MP

-At least 90 degree wide viewing angle.

-Needs to have a native single cable install (cat) (baluns are not an option due to installation restrictions)


And....prefer, but not required:

-Bullet Type

-Small footprint NVR (e.g. only one ethernert port...will supply my own POE switch)

-Available on Amazon


Any suggestions GREATLY appreciated.



Example of a Cam that is very close:


This cam works great (have used in another install)....has the 90 viewing angle, but no POE or built in mic.



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These are the best, but they are not Bullets, being turrets they are more vandal proof and harder to notice.




Andy is well known on other ip sites and is a great seller.


These are not your general quality cams like you get from the box stores, these are actually professional grade.

I am putting these around my house with a Blue Iris system.

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Kev, I agree with Papa, and also turrets are less likely to have a spider problem than bullets. Bullets with the ring of IR bulbs around the lens attract spiders which spin their web across the lens, setting off motion detection.

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