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Adding an IP Camera to DS-7204HUHIK1/P

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Hey guys;


Am currently using the DS-7204HUHIK1/P and noticed that it has support for 1 IP camera.

My current setup consists of 4 HD-TURBO camera (being a 4ch DVR)

Can anybody please confirm if this DVR supports 4ch total, or 4ch analogue plus 1 IP camera, or 3ch analogue + 1 IP camera.



Thanks in advance.

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I am quite sure it is not ONE, mbut TWO IP cameras, up to 6MP.


You can keep your existing 4 HDTVI cameras, and add 2 Hikvision IP cameras (up to 6MP). You might also be able to add ONVIF cameras, but I would go for Hikvision cameras just to be on the safe side.

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