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Day/night Camera graveyard

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First off, I hope this is the right section, I'm a noob in all this so please bear with me.


Because things get stolen from my brothers grave pretty often, I'm looking for a camera that records when detecting motion (a person passing by etc) and the camera must be able to rewrite on the memory card itself if the card is full. (record looping). The camera also has to work on batteries. (As there is no power anywhere) And it has to be able to record in the dark as well.


Is this possible? Under 200$?


Thanks in advance guys, It's really hard to find anything when you don't really know a lot of this topic.

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There are battery powered ,IR motion activated cameras that are used for wildlife monitoring which seem to fullfill all your requirements. The main problem is that the camera is likely to get stolen as well.

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