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Converting Bullet Cam to Something More Stealthy Indoors?

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Am replacing a few outdoor bullet cams (POE HikVisions) with turret cams for the increased durability and decreased spider web exposure.

Have been told in no uncertain terms that I have a need to monitor a couple of stairwells indoors - so my kids can check up on The Old People to make sure nobody's laying on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. .... The stench from decomposing bodies and the resale value of the house, I guess..... -)

But a bullet cam indoors is kind of obtrusive - especially when a certain other family member is not going to be all that thrilled  about being on Candid Camera.

My thought was that maybe I could pull the guts out of a bullet cam and repackage them into something that would fit, for instance, in a dummy wall receptacle. .... I am thinking that the IR emitters would not be needed because of ambient light from night lights and the minimal need for detail.

What's the gut reaction of Those Who Know?

Has anybody actually done anything like this? 

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Hi. Peter ..... Long time since you have been on ..... Hope your having a good start to your new year.......except for the decomposing bodies smell.


it can be done but a lot of messing about and hole for the lens is still the give away.

also some cameras when you remove the IR board don't work then you have the filter to play with ....... Mover le lens filter no so much as a problem but treated lens is.


i would look at miniature IP cameras ..... Nice and small to hide and only need a 3mm hole for lens.

hikvision do a 2mp low light miniature IP camera.



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