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Don't know what I should get?

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I want a security camera in my bedroom in case anyone would walk into my bedroom while I'm not there. Which is best wired or wirer less. One with a card in it or one that sends to your computer. I don't know anything about security camera. I have a roommate who I gave a 30 day notice to and she went nuts so this is why I would like a security camera. Would a Nancy cam be a good choice for the bedroom?   Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi. It would need to be something covert. You don't want her seeing it and walking away with it.

for your needs I would not go for anything complicated and I would also stay away from anything that uses the Internet as it is your bedroom.


something like this is ideal for you and can be moved about in seconds.

no extra wires ..... No having to connect to Internet and install is just remove a normal light bulb and in stall cam light bulb.

your light switch always needs to be in the ON position.......and you switch light on and off with the remote control which is supplied with the bulb.

so it's a full working normal light

it have movement detection

see in total darkness with built in IR

all recordings sent to onboard SD card

also records full audio 


all you have to do is press SET on remote control when you leave your room.

fit to ceiling light or bedside light.





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