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Where am I going wrong....

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Morning all..... new to all this stuff.

i have a Swann dvr with Swann camera’s an all works purfect. 4 channel

bought another2 new camera’s an they don’t work/show any picture on the screen. They power up because can see the IR LEDS come on in the dark but no video.

i tested the camera’s on a friends dvr an they still show no video...

from what I have read online is it something to do with Analogue an HD camera’s.

the camera’s I have are Swann bullet analogue, I think, BNC connector on the end, yellow an red connections 

cameras I bought are GOVISION CMOS5mp 12volt system pal.

yea prob should of bought Swann camera’s but they were a good price......

also when buying cameras that may not be Swann what am I looking for so they will work with my Swann system ...H.264 DVR, 4 channel

hope some one can help.... thank you

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