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Where is the reset button on a Hikvision DS-2DE4A425IW-DE PTZ Camera

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Does anybody know where I can find the reset button on the Hikvision DS-2DE4A425IW-DE PTZ Camera? I removed the dome and found the Micro-SD slot, and the serial (debug) port, but I can't seem to find the reset button?! Any ideas where to look?



20200203_220145 - Copy (Large).jpg

20200203_220216 - Copy (Large).jpg

20200203_220153 - Copy (Large).jpg

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  1. Remove 4 black plugs over the screws holding the dome on.
  2. Remove 4 screws holding the dome on.
  3. Remove one screw on camera shroud (just below the lens).
  4. Squeeze shroud at joint on opposite end (like a lemon half). ...
  5. Reset button is on circuit board above camera (just below a set of fine wires).


I own The Home Security company / So I was able to reboot my Hikvision camera.


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