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UNV Camera dropping out regularly

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Im a volunteer for a Marine Rescue organisation and am also an IT idiot. We have a camera set up at a residential address streaming video of the Local waterways. 

The model is IPC6222ER-X30P-B

Its not connected to a NVR, just streaming via their EZCloud to our Base. The camera will run fine for a few days maybe a week, then drop out and its difficult to reconnect.

I can remote into a local computer at the premises and see that the camera is up and looks ok but the connection through EZCloud is a problem. Ive restarted the camera and modem which sometimes sorts it.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I was thinking of getting an NVR in the hope that would resolve the problem but dont want to go to that expense for the Not For Profit organisation unless I know thatll solve it.


Thanks for any help



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Sounds to be like the internet connection to the DVR/NVR is dropping out. The tech support from Uniview are fantastic - If it something that bothers you, maybe give them a call and see what they suggest. 

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