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It finally happened...Swann DVR's WD10EURX drive crapped out

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This hard drive has been in continuous service since 2012 so I found a replacement that looks to be the same model and ordered it. It's a 1TB "Green Power" and when I click on the devices menu on my SWANN DVR, it won't show up. I took it apart, reconnected it and it will briefly spin-up but it then judders to a halt. Anyway, I happen to have a WD10EZEX 1TB "WD Blue" drive so I pulled the jumper from the old drive (on pins 5 & 6) and put it on pins 5 & 6 on the WD10EZEX, attached the SATA connectors and there was some spin-up with arm activity, but the DVR would not recognize it. Is there a different jumper configuration for the WD "Blue" drive or should I just wait for the replacement to arrive (10 days out)? Any advice would be welcome. 

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