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Motion detection problem with ip camera on NVR

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I have a camera: IP CAM C6F0SnZ3N0PcL2
whose latest firmware is V20.
I have a recurring problem, would you have had this problem too?
This camera is Onvif but uses the CAMHI system and not Xmeye

Normally the Onvif standard should be compatible everywhere

My problem is that the motion detection signal no longer seems to be transmitted: Triggering of the NVR recorder (which is a Hiseeu)

Motion detection for the recorder stops working randomly while locally on the camera it continues to operate (TFCard recording, ftp and send email) but no longer on the recorder

Does anyone have any idea where this problem comes from?

I know that most CamHI cameras are fickle for compatibility.

Thank you for your answers
Jean Pierre

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