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Problems accessing CCTV from a browser in Win10

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Problems viewing CCTV via browser in Win10

Previously my OS was Win7 64 bit and I was able to view my CCTV either using an old copy of Avant Browser or IE 8 or ietab within Google Chrome.

I have had to upgrade to Win 10 and no matter how hard I try I can not view my CCTV from a browser on my desktop, albeit I can view the CCTV from my tablet or android phone or laptop on the LAN.

The CCTV has a static IP address

I tried installing ietab and ietab editor in chrome but every time I try to access the CCTV, it finds the login page of the CCTV but when I try to sign in I get a message to say that the ietab editor has closed and if it continues to do so I should contact support@ietab.net

Messages to this e-mail address simply get rejected.

I have also tried installing an older version of Avant browser but this does not work either.

Any help would be appreciated


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